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Our family-owned Winery in Paso Robles is dedicated to creating the finest quality wines. Our winemaking process utilizes centuries-old techniques that have been passed down through generations. We take great pride in selecting only the best grapes from local vineyards around Paso Robles and crafting them into exquisite wines.

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Scott Santellan’s passion for helping others improve their properties quickly evolved into a dream of his own, and his purchase of Santellan Vineyards in December 2020 was the beginning of that journey. With extensive expertise in construction and farming in Central San Joaquin Valley, Scott knew he had stumbled upon something truly special. He is now dedicated to honoring the legacy of Fling Trayler and his family who originally developed this property with care and precision.

In order to make his dream a reality, Scott enlisted the support of friends and family to bring back the beauty of this expansive vineyard. Together they worked tirelessly to repair old structures, install new irrigation systems, plant vines, fertilize crops and more – all while ensuring that every part of the property stayed true to its original vision. The results have been remarkable, and Santellan Vineyards is now a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike. From the meticulously landscaped grounds to the award-winning wines, this breathtaking vineyard continues to bring joy and beauty to all who visit it.

Scotts Commitment to excellence and dedication to his craft has made Santellan Vineyards one of the premier wineries in Paso Robles. From breathtaking views, delicious wine tasting and unforgettable experiences, there’s something for everyone here. Wine enthusiasts are invited to come explore this stunning Winery while enjoying all that Paso Robles has to offer. Whether it’s the sunny climate or rolling hills, the beauty of Santellan Vineyard is sure to make any visit a memorable one.

No matter what brings you to Santellan Winery, Scott Santellan and his team welcome you with open arms. Come taste the wines and explore the grounds to experience a unique look into California’s agriculture heritage and wine culture. You are sure to have an unforgettable time!